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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mets Ink Minor League Pitcher

The big signing of the day today was BOOF BONSER. The former Twins pitcher got inked to a minor league deal. He has a career ERA over 5, but had a lot of swing and misses last year (9.4%) in limited time in his 25 innings pitched for the Red Sox and the Athletics.

My Take: Another no-risk signing. He may be a long man out of the pen, a 5th starter for a month, or he could never leave Port St. Lucie. But we didn't lose anything on signing him.


  1. Pat Egan was taken by the Brewers in the rule 5 draft. If he makes the MLB club out of spring training, they have to keep him on the big club all year. If he doesn't, he will likely go back to Baltimore..but he is on the doorstep...

  2. He went 1 spot ahead of the mets. Castillo is hopefully out the door with Brad Emaus selected in the Rule 5.