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Thursday, October 14, 2010

State of the Mets Outfield, 2010 Recap Part 4 of 7

Yesterday I looked at the infielders, and Wednesday I covered the catchers, today I will tackle the outfield positions.

The hyper links are the spring training scouting reports/more in-depth previews. I had looked at the players as of June 1st, so I will include that data as well as the final stats.

Overall, the Mets outfield offensive production was 15th (2nd to last) in the NL. 

Left Field:
Overall, the Mets production from Left Field in 2010 was 10th in the National League

J Bay

  • June 1st: 52 games, 55-192, 3 HR, 23 RBIs, 7 SB, .286/.374/.438
  • Final: 95 games, 348 AB, 48 R, 6 HR, 47 RBI, 10 SB, .259/.347/.402
  • My Projections: 650 at bats, 98 runs, 32 HRs, 100 RBIs, 10 SB, .270/.370/.525. 
  • June 1st Commentary: The power simply hasn't been there as expected (he never slugged < .522 outside of his injury plagued season), but he has shown surprising speed and above average defense. Is a positive influence in the clubhouse supposedly. 
  • 1/3 of the season grade: C+ 
  • Final Grade: D/Incomplete. Missing 66 games isn't what we were expecting, but a concussion ended his season prematurely. Hopefully he recovers fully and actually gets extra base hits next year. League average NL LF slugged .434 this year...
Center Field:
Overall, the Mets production from Center Field in 2010 was 6th in the National League

    A Pagan

    • June 1st: 50 games, 54-179, 4 HRs, 18 BB, 27 Ks, 9 SB, 3 CS, .302/.364/.441
    • Final: 151 games, 579 AB, 80 R, 11 HR, 69 RBI, 37 SB, 9 CS, .290/.340/.425
    • My Projection: I didn't give predictions as I didn't think he'd play more than 50 games this year
    • June 1st Commentary: Needless to say, he has been a very bright spot for the Mets and has made Mets fans jokingly say "Carlos who?" more than a few times this year. He's cut down on his bad base-running decisions and has been one of the top 5 outfielders in the National League so far this year. 
    • 1/3 of the season grade: A 
    • Final Grade: A. More based on the fact he was expected to be a 4/5th outfielder and he outperformed J Bay and C Beltran. He's an above-average CF and should stay there with Beltran moving to RF. As a reference, the average CF in the NL's stats were: .260/.330/.407.
    C Beltran
    • My Projected stats: 500 At bats, 100 runs, 20 HR, 90 RBIs, 16 SB, .290/.380/.500
    • Final: 64 games, 220 AB, 21 R, 7 HR, 27 RBI, 3 SB, .259/.347/.427
    • Grade: D/Incomplete. He played below average CF defensively, and looked old, before starting to get into a groove in September, hitting .321 and 5 home runs in 78 at bats, before shutting it down with knee pain once again. He is in the last year of this contract.

    Right Field:
    Overall, the Mets production from Right Field in 2010 was 16th (last) in the National League

    J Francoeur
    • June 1st: 52 games, 43-176, 14 walks, 31 Ks, 5 HRs, 27 RBIs, .244/.305/.392
    • Final: 124 games, 401 AB, 29 walks, 76 Ks, 11 HR, 54 RBI, .237/.293/.369
    • My Projection: 680 plate appearances,  20 walks, 70 runs, 16 HRs, 80 RBIs, .270/.315/.425.
    • June 1st Commentary: He started out hot then regressed to the player he has been over his career (.271/.311/.432). As a reference, major league average for right fielders last year was .272/.346/.447, so he's below average in all three. He is hitting .211/.276/.383 versus righties this year. He has played well defensively, but not enough to be an every day regular. 
    • 1/3 of the season grade: D+ 
    • Final Grade: D-. Glad we got rid of him, as he simply isn't a major league average offensive right fielder.
    C Carter, J Feliciano, N Evans, L Duda will all be covered in the Bench Recap.

    Starting 2011 Outfield:
    LF: J Bay
    CF: A Pagan
    RF: C Beltran

    Anyone out there want the Mets to try to make a big splash and try to get Werth or Crawford? Knowing they would need to find a trading partner to take Beltran's contract.


      1. We definitely need to make a big splash. Let's go out and get some long relievers who are ready to pitch everyday I toe the rubber.

      2. Great recap of the season and positions. I know the Mets need to change, but as much as I would like a tear down and start over, it isn't going to happen.

        I wonder if the Dodgers Asst. GM is in the mix because Joe Torre might be interesting in managing. I know he would want a lot of money, but it would be interesting if it went that way.

        Whatever they do, let's hope they get it right.

        And yes, we can all dream about Hudson and Fielder on the right side of the infield.

        Also, did anybody see the fan site that wants to raise 12 million dollars, donate it to the Mets to pay Perez his money and get rid of him? If they don't get the 12 mill, they promise to donate it to charity. I think they set their sights too low--raise 18 mill and let Perez travel with Castillo.