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Friday, October 1, 2010

3 Games Remain, Mets Ensured a Losing Record

Not that there is a difference between 80-82 wins in my opinion since it's the same result: No Playoff Baseball. And that's the goal every season, and it hasn't been achieved in the last 4 years.

The Mets had more errors than runs yesterday, and the only reason to even look at the box scores the next three days is to see if D Wright can get to 30 HRs (has 28 and has 100+ RBIs), and if A Pagan can steal 40 bases.

And I'd be amiss if I didn't congratulate Pedro Feliciano for trying to give his left arm to the team, and Jerry gladly accepting, as he appeared in > 90 games, which was a goal I had asked him about in Spring Training. Congrats Pedro. And for those wondering at home, that also included a franchise record 22 game appearances in the month of September. 22. It's just another example of bullpen abuse, which is inexcusable and a fire-able offense in my opinion, especially with expanded rosters in September. "That's all I got to say about that...". 22.

All signs point to a countdown to Monday when there will a much-anticipated (albeit just rumored, nothing official) press conference discussing the future of Mets baseball, including the Manager and General Manager.

If I get low, maybe they won't see me, and I'll be able to manage this team again next year


  1. Can't wait for this alledged press conference. But what are the Mets going to really come out and say? I can hear it now..."we are all disappointed with how the season went, it is unacceptable, and we are going to take a good, hard look at what needs to be improved so that the on-field product is consisent with organizational goals and will re-engergize our fan base".

    #1. Bring back Bobby V.
    #2. Tear this sucker down and rebuild it the right way. Met fans will be patient if they see a silver lining. Well I would be...but that's me (they already can't win, so they might as well not win with front line prospects who will eventually win..at least crap baseball would be for something in the big picture)
    #3. Don't hire Bob Melvin. He is doing just fine in the front office...leave him be
    #4. Bye Bye Omar..reassign him in the organization. He can help the Mets, but GM ain't going so well (though injuries and the dark cloud of baseball death isn't all his fault)

    Or just turn into the Yankees, spend like fools, and buy everybody...either way, pick a side...

  2. John Heyman of SI is reporting that the decision has been made to fire Manuel and Minaya on Monday. So I guess he just confirmed what we already knew?

    Now let's see what the Mets do with it...