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Monday, October 4, 2010

Season Is Over. 79-83

It is fitting that Oliver Perez walks in the winning run in the top of the 14th inning, and that's how the season ends, losing 2-1. It really was a microcosm of the Mets season.

I want to thank the readers for a successful 1st season; your witty comments were/are always appreciated.

The plan for the off-season will be to review each player's season similar to what I did back in Spring Training, and look to see how my predictions for each player's stats were.

I won't be able to provide "breaking news" re: the meetings occurring today, but will provide my thoughts on it tonight/tomorrow AM.

Again, thank you for continuing to read, and now that the 2010 Mets season is over, LET'S GO METS IN 2011!

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  1. New GM coming to town and a new manager...let's see where they go with this and let's see how they change the roster. They have to get rid of this feeling of blah...players like Perez have to go...that will be a big first step in changing the culture

  2. I agree..Perez is done...Wilpons must get rid of him and see if they can trade Castillo if they aren't going to play him daily (even if we have to pay salary like i think will happen) but we need a PLAYER on the bench who can put the fall over the OF heads not bloops over SS

  3. I am listening to Jeff Wilpon on the FAN right now. I give him credit for going on and taking questions and attempting to be honest. However, the core is going to remain. His words, not mine. He says Beltran is going to surprise us and they are happy with him. He said that Wright and Reyes are not untouchable, but if they were blown away, they would listen. I am fine with that--they are all-star level players and they help. My concern is they are changing the manager and GM but the players remain. He did say that Perez is a waste (surprised he threw him under the bus, but glad he did). This is going to be a process. The new manager and GM need some time to fix this ship.

    Or the ship gets fixed with some front line pitching...Wilpon says money is no object and they will do what is the best interest of the Mets...I guess they can pay Lee 20 mil a year...