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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick Hit...Terry Collins also has previous run-in with Drinking and Driving?

Hat tip for Mets Today for being the first (and only) one to report this thus far. Everyone loves to write and talk about Wally Backman's DWI charge, but no one has mentioned that "the current favorite" Terry Collins also has one on his record.

As Joe Janish points out in the article, if you are going to dig up people's pasts, make sure you dig up all the candidates pasts, not just cherry pick some people's past wrongdoings...

My Take: I still have Wally Backman as my top choice to be the next Mets manager, but in reality, it's not a big deal whoever it is. I'm happy the Mets seem to have a capable front office right now and I put my faith in them. If Sandy makes Bob Melvin or Terry Collins the manager, will I buy more tickets? No...but I don't buy tickets to see a manager. I buy tickets to enjoy the game and the players on the field. And that doesn't change if Wally, or Bobby V. or who is writing out the line-up card.


  1. Terry Collins seems like the guy. He is close with DePodesta and fits the bill. The manager will be a genius if the players perform. If they don't, he knows nothing. That's kind of how it goes in the business...

  2. and we should say a prayer for Alderson's father..hit by a car and killed...