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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

State of The Mets, July 6

Since I've been a MIA since Saturday and the traumatizing experience knowing I need to wear a Yankees hat, the Mets have rolled off 3 straight wins, and are 44-42, but still 6 1/2 games back from the Wild Card leading Braves, because they haven't been losing either.
  • J Reyes missed his 3rd straight game with a strained hamstring, meaning the Mets are winning/better off without him? No, but just wanted to poke some fun at small sample sizes
    • A Grade 1 hamstring strain is truly a day-to-day injury; if the Mets wanted to be conservative, they could've immediately put him on the DL and had him miss the 3 Phillies games after the All-Star break also, but they are trying to survive playing with a 24 man roster, and it's working so far
  • J Bay is beginning to wake up offensively, hitting 2 home runs, even one opposite field, which is the first one I remember in a Mets uniform. 
  • D Wright has yet to beginning running, so he's not ready for a rehab assignment yet, but my best guess is he's 10-14 days away.
    • He's been swinging the bat off a tee, and that is more challenging/stressful in my opinion than running
  • Ike Davis will have a d-day for his ankle in the next 2 weeks, as he once again attempts to run. If he is unable to handle the pounding of running, surgery looks like the most likely option. 
    • L Duda and D Murphy will continue to handle 1st base duty with Davis out
  • July 31 is the trade deadline, and the Mets will be looking to move Beltran, K-Rod, and any other reliever any one is interested in (Izzy, Byrdak)
    • Even if July 31st comes and goes, Beltran and K-Rod should be able to be traded after the deadline since they have large salaries and would pass through waivers. 
  • The Mets last 5 games before the All-Star Break will make the Mets offense look bad, as they face Kuroda, Kershaw, Vogelsong (a surprise All-star this year), then Lincecum and Cain.
    • Hopefully the Mets win 2 of these 5 games, and go into the break 46-45.
What are your thoughts about the Mets? Should they be buyers/sellers (at the trade deadline, not the Wilpons).

Let's Go Mets!

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