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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

News and Notes January 5th

Couple noteworthy items to report over the past few days; sorry for the delay.

  • Chris "The Animal" Carter signed a minor league deal with the TB Rays today
    • My Take: I was a big fan of Chris Carter and hoped he would re-sign with the organization, but no such luck. I know he wasn't going to be a big integral part of the Mets, but he could've been a valuable piece off the bench.
  • Byleven and R Alomar were elected to the Hall of Fame
  • Mets signed two pitchers coming off injuries. RHP Taylor Buchholz and LHP C Capuano.
    • My Take on Buchholz: He has had some success in the bullpen, and he throws a fastball, curveball and change-up. His fastball velocity was 92 mph before surgery, and only 89 mph last year. For $600,000 it's not a huge risk, but coupling that with the release of Igarashi, who was slated to make 1.5 million, this bullpen slot is costing the Mets 2 million dollars. Way too much in my opinion for a team that is a .500 team.
    • My Take on Capuano: He has an 87 mph fastball, a below-average slider, and a decent change-up. He has a 4.35 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP. His contract is a base of 1.5 million, and incentive-laden that could increase the salary to 4.5 million. Some whispers were quoting his numbers vs Utley and Howard and their poor BAA. That was on a sample size less than 20 at bats = MEANINGLESS. 
    • Overall, not terrible signings, but nothing that is going to change anything major in the overall scheme of things. They are both one-year contracts so it's low risk, but I am disappointed to designate Igarashi. He was highly touted last year, and although he was disappointing, there is no reason to eat his contract.
I don't think I missed anything, but if I did, send it in and I will post my opinion.

Let's Go Mets, and hope for no snow this weekend!

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  1. Do you think Alomar will go in wearing a Mets hat?