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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mets on Verge of signing Chris Young

"If healthy" will be said at least twice in every article written about the tall (6'10") right-hander formerly with the Padres.

In the past 3 years, he's thrown less than 200 innings combined. He turns 32 in May.

The good: He throws 1st pitch strikes 60% of the time, and is still able to get above average swing and misses (8%). He has an above average slider. He's an extreme fly-ball pitcher (28% GB % for his career)

The Bad: After numerous injuries, he now throws between 84-86 mph. He's never thrown 180 innings in a season, and only threw 160+ 3 times (last in 2007). His career ERA at home (Petco) = 3.43. Road = 4.16.

Overall: Another low-risk signing. If you make enough of these, one them are bound to work out and you will think they were genius!

On a brighter note, Pitchers and Catchers Report in less than a month. And of course, snow is falling in the tri-state area once again today...


  1. Local boy coming home (Princeton)

  2. Yes, he's local in that sense, but he grew up in Texas...Good luck this weekend Mike, go Jets

  3. Mets also on the verge of selling a minority interest to somebody with boat loads of dough...