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Monday, February 24, 2014

February 18th- February 22nd Spring Training Recap

Just got home and had time to type up some thoughts from the 5 days of Spring Training I saw.

1) Do not read too much into 1 week of Spring Training, when there was only 1 day of live batting practice thrown by pitchers (and for 3/4 of those, the hitters weren't even swinging), and other batting practice is being thrown at 40 feet.

2) The Mets players were really accessible all week, doing a great job signing for the fans and interacting with them as much as possible (as you'll see below). If you wanted to, you could have gotten the entire starting line-up.
Granderson is a vibrant personality, and signs for everyone

Ike Davis

Lucas Duda signing right next to Ike

Travis dArnold was great interacting and taking pictures with everyone

D Murphy also signed for everyone, interacting with the kids

3) Frank Viola, who has worked with a lot of the minor league pitchers over the past 3 years (started with the Cyclones in 2011), really works hard, is very informative, and the pitchers listen and respond to him. I'd love to see him as the next pitching coach for the Mets (he'll serve the same role in AAA Las Vegas this year).

4) Based off the one day I was able to see, Anthony Seratelli (Old Bridge, NJ product), is a very similar player to Omar Quintanilla. Nothing flashy, but more times than not, gets the job done. Again, it's very difficult to assess a person's true talent based off of 5 minutes of infield drills.

5) Wilmer Flores bounced back and forth between 2nd base and SS, starting at 2nd base with the back up group of infielders, with assistant GM JP Riccardi, owner Jeff Wilpon, and manager Terry Collins looking on. He didn't show anything bad, but again, very difficult to make a judgment off of 5 minutes of infield.

6) C Puello continued to hit the ball hard during his round of BP, and hopefully he's able to put the biogenesis scandal behind him.

7) Ike Davis, for all the talk that he's "quieted down his swing", still has that huge hitch. He always has, and always will be able to hit BP "fastballs" for home runs, but it really will be visible when he has to try and adjust to off-speed pitches. I prefer L Duda's swing a lot better than Davis right now.

Those are some of the quick hits, if you have any specific questions on players, let me know.

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